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Teaching & Learning Digital Environment

Ms. Minaya
Instructional Technology Specialist
Foreign Language Teacher


I have created this digital interface to provide a means of communication between students, interested viewers and myself. This medium will provide an insight into my experiences with the learning process and to express my role as a lifelong student and a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher. I am hoping this teaching and learning environment will show how I continuously endeavor to work on the cutting edge of educational theory and practice. I use current standards and implement new trends in education incorporating a global perspective on the use of technology and its integration into the curriculum. My teaching philosophy revolves around instilling a 'want to learn' rather than a 'have to learn' drive in teaching and learning. Through my own passion in teaching, I strive to motivate and inspire. The purpose of creating this environment is to obtain, organize, and evolve in time, evidence of student learning and distinctive professional skills. As well as to provide interested teachers, colleagues, students and parents a view into who I am as a long-life learner and educator. This is a work in progress, and as such, it will progress as I develop in my educational career. You are welcome anytime to visit and see what I am up to!

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